Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where I spent my day

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Today I went with my mom and sister to tour Western Michigan University. AKA my alma mater.

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The tour was AWESOME. I went there and know the good and bad, and I was honestly impressed with the school today. There are several changes just since I started there in 2004, and they make campus much more convenient and better equipped.

I even was able to get together for lunch with one of my friends from the area. She was so instrumental in helping me develop my relationship with God my senior year of college. I can't even express how great it was to see her-it had been nearly 2 years! We talked about our churches, small groups, and just how our lives are going.

I took Hannah with me, and she did fairly well! She stayed in her stroller for nearly 1.5 hours and even slept for about 20 minutes. Once I took her out to walk though, she was happy as can be. She thought it was hilarious to walk down all the campus hills!

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