Sunday, May 30, 2010

Poor baby

Hannah woke up at 3:00 am with a 101 fever. It got up to 102.7 today. I checked her temp before bed and it was at 99.6, so hopefully it will keep going down. We haven't called the pediatrician yet, but we will if it reaches 103. This is the first time she's been sick like this. I'm not worried, but we're obviously keeping an eye on it.

Three more days until Hannah is 1 year old! I'm so amazed at how much she has grown and all that she can do. Her party is next Saturday, and I know she will love eating her birthday cake.

In other news, the preschoolers have graduated! Now I have 2 weeks off (aside from a couple trainings and meetings). Next week we head to WA so I need to start prepping for that. I'm a bit nervous as it is our first time flying with Hannah. Hopefully she will sleep the whole way!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


After getting pissed at Dave for forgetting to take the garbage to the curb yesterday, I forgot to set the alarm for this morning. As a result, he was over an hour late for work. He didn't get mad even though it really was my fault. Often times, my husband has much more grace and mercy in his heart than I do.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I can hear her babbling

Even though I put her yawning self down nearly 40 minutes ago. This child needs to nap! Perhaps this is what I get for putting 4 books in her crib. She just reads to herself and thinks sleeping is over-rated.

So do I win a bad parent award if I think her fits are funny? I absolutely know she is not doing full-out tantrums yet. She just growls, cries, or screams with a big ol' scowl on her face when she doesn't get her way. This mostly comes when we change her diaper or clothes. Or when she gets a hold of a pen that dropped and we take it away. We can easily redirect or distract her though so that's nice!

On that note, here's one thing about parenting that I don't understand. Why do people say they constantly chase their mobile baby around the house? I can't tell you how many times I've heard that parents are tired from keeping up with their crawler. Crawling made our life easier. It meant that when there was a toy across the room, she could get it herself. Do people that chase their kids not baby-proof? Hannah has free reign around here since we baby proof as needed. It's nice to not need to be up her butt while she is playing.

In other news, we got a new dining room table! Here are some pictures:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We assembled it ourselves. What a pain. And only 5/6 chairs are done which is why the one with her booster seat looks different. And holy moly was it ever a pain to keep her out of kitchen that day. Any time we put her down in the living room, she would crawl or walk right into the kitchen to see what daddy was doing. At least it's done and we love it!

Well now she's fussing. Here's to hoping she naps. I was planning on taking her grocery shopping today. We are getting low on formula so we might as well pick up some whole milk. Let's pray the transition goes well!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's been awhile

I am horrible at keeping up with this blog! I think it's knowing that nobody reads it! Still, I want to keep a record of what's been going on in our life. Since January a couple big things have happened.

1. We bought a house! We made an offer on the third house we saw. It was such an easy process and we feel so blessed. We put a significant amount down so we are actually paying less per month in the mortgage then we were in rent. And we are even paying extra. The goal is to pay off the house in 10 years.
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2. Hannah is walking! She isn't walking full time yet, but she does more and more each day. Since writing my last post, she has also learned to clap (10 months), wave (8 months), and point (10.5 months?). She is completely off bottles too. I really wanted her off bottles by 1 year and we accomplished that at 10.5 months. The transition was so easy, but we did it very gradually.

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I have less than 2 weeks with the preschoolers. A part of me is sad to see the year end. I had a really great group of kids and parents. And I will miss the kids that aren't coming back next year. But I'm so excited to be done with lesson planning for the summer!