Saturday, November 20, 2010

Busy times

Well we've all been through the runner, here.

About 2 weeks ago, Hannah got diagnosed with her first ear infection. She was put on antibiotics for a couple days and all seemed fine. Then that weekend she spiked a high fever and was miserable. Turns out she had a throat infection too. One shot at the pediatrician made her better, though! Then a few days later, I caught an eye infection and the flu. Finally, we are all healthy.


TMI, but I am still bleeding from my miscarriage. Yes, 6.5 weeks later it's still going on. I thought it was AF, but I just don't know. My OB wants me to redo my blood work to check my hcg levels and make sure my iron isn't too low. I also have to do an ultrasound and have a follow-up visit. My appointment is on Tuesday. I'm nervous. It could be anything from an infection to remaining tissue to a hormonal imbalance to Lord knows what else.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

She finally showed her ugly face

AF did, that is.

And now we can possibly begin the road of TTC again. I've been waiting for this for over a month and now that it's so soon, I'm starting to get scared. Scared that maybe we'll miscarry again or that it will take a long time. I'm trying to trust and pray that God knows best. He knows what to do. ::Sigh:: I always knew about the high risk of miscarriage, but I have now completely lost any naivete about pregnancy. There will always be that fear of spotting or just not feeling right.

Shall we lighten the mood a bit?

We didn't go trick or treating because it was a bit cold that night. Instead we dressed her up and had her look cute by the door!