Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm so proud of her

I love reading. I have ever since I was 7 years old. So I get such joy out of seeing my daughter pretend reading. For months now, she has loved flipping through books and even corrects books when they are upside down. Lately all she wants to do is listen to stories.

The other day, however, she really impressed me.

Earlier in the day, I vaguely gestured to the book Twinkle Toes and asked her to get it. She did so right away. That made me wonder if she was recognizing titles. Later, the three of us were in her play room when I asked her to get the book, I Love You All Year Long. She smiled, walked into her room, and brought back the correct book! She did it again with 3 or 4 more titles! I'm so impressed with her. She looked so proud of herself too.


Okay I want to expand on this post and why I am so happy with this.

Hannah doesn't really say any words beside mama and dada. We think she might be starting to say "no" (even though I don't think we use it that much!) and "quack". But it seems like every mommmy blog I read or message board I frequent has children her age or even younger spouting off words left and right. So to me, her receiving those books proved that while she doesn't have a lot of verbal language, her receptive language is right there. She understands what we say, and that's such a huge part of language development.

Also, rationally I know Hannah's limited vocab is not a cause for concern at all. She's not even 15 months old yet. And she's really coordinated so I know her strengths right now lie in physical development. Still, I think it's always nice to have confirmation that yes, your child is on the right track.

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