Sunday, September 19, 2010

What is God's calling for me?

That is a question I've been wrestling with a bit lately.

I know God has given me the following gifts and desires:

-To be a wife and mother
-To know and apply Scripture
-To work with young children

And I know these things are all glorifying to God. But I don't know exactly how to use these skills to further His kingdom.

This post likely won't make much sense because I'm still trying to figure this out myself. Let's put it this way, things were much different when I was involved with college ministry. Back then I was dating and engaged to Dave, but we weren't married yet. I didn't have the responsibilities that come with marriage. And I definitely didn't have any kids to take care of! So back then I could attend 2-3 Bible studies a week plus Sunday service. I was getting together with friends and frequently giving Scriptural advice. It's at that time I realized God had given me a unique ability to recall Bible verses and use them to advise and encourage others.

The main point is that when I was in college, I was working for God's kingdom in a very tangible way. I don't feel that way much right now. I do have our couple's life group where we help each other, and it really is a blessing. But ministering as a mother is very different than ministering to college students. I can read Bible stories to Hannah and pray with her, but it's not the same as guiding 18-22 year old women through the Bible in face of our culture's opposition to it.

I guess I'm still trying to figure out how to work for God in this stage of my life. In the years of pregnancy and caring for young children both at work and at home. I want to live my life so that God tells me "Well done, good and faithful servant". Not as one merely escaping the flames.

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