Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today was a hard day

Dave's grandmother passed away on Thursday October 29th, and today was the funeral. It was a beautiful service, and it brought all the family together. I remember meeting his grandma. It was at one of his high school band concerts, and she gave me a hug and was so kind. Dave tells me how much he enjoyed spending time with her growing up. She really was a generous, caring, godly woman.

It was just a long day for the both of us and we ended up snapping at each other more than we should. It's so easy to take your frustrations out on the one you love the most! We had a nice talk tonight though so all is well.

In other news, Hannah is now 5 months old. I totally teared up yesterday because she held her own bottle for most of her feeding. It just seems like a lot is going on with her at once. In the past 2 weeks we have put the swing in storage, started solid foods, seen her sit up unassisted, and seen her hold her own bottle. I do not miss her newborn days at all, but I'm still a little sentimental about all her new skills. Dave's even worse. I had to convince him that putting away her swing does not mean she is getting ready to get married or even start kindergarten! I can't imagine what we'll be like when it's our last baby.

Unfortunately though, Hannah has been having stomach problems lately. Lots of spitting up, fussiness, and just seeming uncomfortable. I don't know if it was the squash or the new formula. We had been using Similac to supplement, but got a free sample of Enfamil, and I figured I would give it a shot. She seemed to like it, but I'm wondering if it's not agreeing with her. At this point, we're going back to Similac and just plain rice cereal for solids. We'll try squash again in a couple weeks to see how she does then.

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