Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The dedication went great! My parents and sister, Dave's dad, Dave's sister & her son all came out. My only small regret is not putting Hannah in the nursery after the dedication part. She just does so well in there, and it was a bit hard to concentrate on the service. It was really interesting too. It was a Q&A format on heaven and hell. I hope to get a chance to listen to it online the week.

So we're all sick. Dave is lightheaded and has a sore throat. I mostly just have a sore throat, and Hannah has a stuffy nose. She was up from 11:30-12:30 last night and up again at 5 am. I know that's not bad, but she usually sleeps 7-6 or 7-7 so we knew she wasn't feeling well. Hopefully it will pass soon for all of us!

My preschool students played in the leaves yesterday, and I so wish I had my camera. The pile was huge, and they were just laughing and jumping all around. Love it!

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