Saturday, January 8, 2011

Grocery Budget

Well we definitely went over our $150/week budget. However, we did stock up on a lot of items. This should mean that the next few weeks will be low enough to hit our monthly goal of $600. This is down from the $650-700 minimum we were doing before!

Here's what we spent at each store:

Aldi's: $48.25
Meijer: $75.11 (saved $20.95)
Rite Aid: $30.31 (saved $8.49)
Walgreens: $15.05 (saved $11.90)
L&L: $2.75 (saved $.60)

Total spent this week: $171.47

Total savings this week: $41.94

So we went over budget by $21.47, but we stocked up on meat, toiletries, and fruit.

The goal next week is to spend $100 or less. Considering we usually spend between $150-200, I'm not sure how this will go!

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