Thursday, July 22, 2010

Broadstripe is a horrible, horrible company

I am so mad I could explode! When we first bought our house, we used Broadstripe as our cable/phone/internet provider. We had problem after problem.

-Our technician left on installation day without giving us any welcome packet or explaining anything about the phone. As a result, we had no idea how to access our voicemail.

-Our tech also told us that our phone would begin service in 2 days. While it turns out that the old number was still valid at that time. Our number, for some reason, didn't kick in for over a week. So we told everyone the wrong number initially.

-Our cable and internet would frequently stop working or there would be channels missing.

-When we signed up, we picked a package for $89.99/month. Every bill we got was for $137. We called twice to fix this and nothing was ever done.

-After cancelling our services, we got yet another bill. I called and they said we would get a refund upon returning our equipment. Fast forward a few weeks and we get a $380 bill because we haven't returned the equipment yet. We were never told about any charges or time limit. I have switched providers before and have never been charged anything.

I just wrote up a complaint letter that I plan to mail. I tried to be as nice as possible, but I want them to know that they are acting dishonorably. Thankfully, our experience with AT&T has been much better!


  1. Michelle
    I apologize for the lack of service you experienced with us, I would like to review the account and provide you resolution on this concern.
    Please email me at and I would be happy to assist.

  2. After returning the equipment, we were told we no longer have a balance. Hopefully I get something in the mail soon to confirm that. I also emailed a letter to customer service. At this point, I just want to wash my hands of Broadstripe. While I'm sure you are an honorable worker, I am tired of seeking out help and then seeing no results. Resolution for me will be no more ties with Broadstripe.