Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's nearly Christmas and I've barely begun my shopping

This happens every.single.year. I am not good at buying gifts for people. Sigh. Ah well, I suppose if it makes others happy, it's worth it then.

I am taking a class to continue my training as a licensed preschool teacher. It's on observing children. It's not hard, but a part of me is going "Homework??? But I already graduated last year! WAH!" I also took an in-person training on pretend play. I got lots of useful information, but laughed a bit at the teacher-coddling. Every 5 minutes, it was "oh us teachers work sooooo hard. What amazing things we do for children every day!" My job is actually really easy, and I in no way feel like superwoman but I know there are crappy teaching environments. And I totally understand why those people need encouragement.

My feel good moment of the week? When we brought Hannah up to the counter for check-in at the church nursery and one of the workers rushed over to get her. It is so nice knowing that people want to be around your kid haha. I'm so so glad she does well in there!

As for Hannah's skills, she is still working on crawling. She was getting up on all fours and rocking, but now she actually moves one arm and leg forward. Then she collapses. But she's definitely made progress! She also can get into the sitting position by herself. She'll be on her belly, then go to all fours, then sit up from there. In terms of gross motor development, she's definitely ahead. She's not babbling much, but I think her "focus" is on those large group muscles right now.

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