Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The infirmary

I think my family is finally somewhat healthy. We found out last week that my nephew (who we had been staying with in WA) was diagnosed with pink eye. Cue Hannah's gross eye discharge and pink eyelids. Then a couple days later, Dave has the same symptoms. They both have completed their antibiotics and are doing much better.

Have I said before that I love this age? I love the walking, the receptive language improvements, the independent play. She's not really into temper tantrums yet and we are several months (if not more than a year) away from the dreaded potty training. It's just easy-going. Which is probably why we want to ttc soon!

I recently watched a sermon online from our church. The pastor talked about the nuclear family and what that ideally would look like. The part that stuck out to me? Teaching your kids how to submit to authority. I grew up with the idea that my mom was my biggest advocate. A noble idea, but I think it went too far. Anytime I was remotely upset about something or the slightest inconsistency presented itself, my mom would swoop in. As a result, I will do what the person in authority says, but I often bitterly complain about how unfair it is. My heart is no where near as submissive as my actions would suggest. The pastor talked about how his kids are in baseball and that if the coach tells them to do something a different way, do it the different way. I would argue with the coach. It's something for me to be aware of and work on.

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  1. Hi! I followed your link off of FFF blog. As a fellow Christian, and mom, I liked your response to Megan's post/comment. Just wanted to say hello.

    Also, I hear you on the authority thing- its pretty counter-cultural. There is a book I like and have found helpful called "Shepherding a Child's Heart" that goes into that a bit.